The Circus Ronaldo Christmas Dinner has been an exceptional feast for generations. An international company of circus directors and artists is invited every year to celebrate Christmas with the family. The youngest diner is only 4 years old, the eldest is already 85. The flamboyant party sings, plays music and is known to challenge each other to some daring circus tricks after a few bottles of southern wine.
A vibrant party evening with a melancholy night and perhaps a small miracle.
A special experience for young and old that impresses, moves, and harkens back to pure and sincere emotion, because that’s what Christmas is all about! This show turns every winter evening into a warm moment.

“The alliance between all these generations makes it unique. The “Wondrous Christmas” is a must see, it became my most beautiful Christmas evening ever.” - Klassiek Centraal (24/12/2016)

The Wondrous Christmas by Circus Ronaldo was created in 2015 and sprouts from the desire for authenticity in the Christmas period, away from ever increasing commercialism.

This show plays every year at Christmas time at a special location.

  • Performance: Johnny en Maria Ronaldo, Danny en David Ronaldo, Nanosh, Pepijn, Angelo and Adanya Ronaldo, Karel Cremers, Rachel Ponsonby, Thomas Van Hees, Mathilde Van Baekel , Seppe Verbist, Corneel Didier, Julia Campistany.
  • Direction: Danny Ronaldo
  • Coaching: Steven Luca en Jo De Rijck
  • Technical Direction: Arjan Hendrickx
  • Tour planning & production: Annelies Mylemans
  • Music: David Van Keer, David Ronaldo, Rachel Ponsonby, Seppe Verbist
  • With the support of the Flemish Community and the Province of Antwerp